Ways Of Enhancing Nurse’s Competence in Providing Spiritual Care

The spiritual dimension of humans has a multidimensional and complex nature with cognitive emotional and behavioral aspects. The cognitive or philosophical dimension includes meaning and having purpose in life. The emotional dimension of spirituality mixes with individual hope love and dependence, internal peace, comfort, support and experiences. Nursing assignment help, behavioral aspect include inner spirituality and personal belief that are spliced with outside world. In fact spiritual care manifest in caring and nurturing in the spirit of individual such that attention to physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions are highly important to keep health and promote spiritual care.

The term spirituality and religion are used interchangeably but they have different meaning for most individual. While religion is considered as particular set of belief in an organized group, spirituality is considered as personal feeling of peace, purpose, relation with others and beliefs about life. Spirituality is beyond colors features, geographical borders and unifies the person with other people around the world with God. Religion is a bridge of spirituality such that religion contributes to a meaningful feeling of spirituality by encouraging people to use thought method, feelings and behavior. Spirituality is the nature of human that gives meaning to life and accompanies people in their life journey. Nursing assignment help, developing spiritual relationship with infinite power gives individuals the confidence that a strong power always support them. These individual deals with accident calmly relying on their faith and belief suffer less from stress and anxiety, therefore the expectation of the future is more optimistic.

Spirituality increases the coping ability of an individual against the disease and improves the speed of recovery. Nurses should think about data analytics in jupyter providing spiritual care to patient. Although spiritual dimensions have considerable effects on different aspect of human life and providing spiritual care is one of the duties of nurses, it is not fully considered.

Understanding the dimension of the patient is very important for nurses since nursing is a profession which look at all the dimensions of the patient and spiritual care is an indispensable part and the core of holistic care. The holistic view requires that a nurse consider individuals as biological, psychological and social creature with core of spirituality. Therefore nurses are expected to accept the spiritual care of patient and establish appropriate relation with patient.

Competence is defined as a set of trait and characteristics which form the basis for optimal performance. The dimension of competence relate to knowledge,skill,attitude,communication,management,motivation,education,culture,ethics,spirituality research and information technology and working with devices. The competence of a nurse is effective in guaranteeing the quality of care services provided for patient and their satisfaction and a key factor in the competition intense world for the survival of hospitals. Spiritual care is a set of skills used in the professional field or nursing process which include therapeutic relationship between the nurse and patients being accessible for patient active listening, showing empathy, providing religious facilities for patient with certain religious belief helping patient. Spiritual competence in spiritual care refers toa set of skills which are used in the clinical nursing process. If nurses become aware of their spiritual condition, they will aware about the spiritual state of patient. The awareness and spirituality in nurses prerequisite for creating commitment in the spiritual care process. In fact for communicating patients with tension nurses should become aware of their spiritual life. According to standard nurses should have required skills for meeting the spiritual needs of patients.

Spiritual care encompasses an attitude and behavior shaped by nurses spiritual nursing values and consist of care that reflect individual culture and belief provided after assessing their spiritual needs and challenges. Spiritual care also consist of nursing method or activities that rely on the provision of company or care, listening or religious activities that corresponds to patient belief to help them to achieve better physical ,mental ,social and spiritual health and comfort. The purpose of the spiritual care is to ease the patient difficulties at the spiritual level and help them find the meaning of life, self actualization, hope, creativity, faith, trust, peace, comfort, prayer, and the ability to love and forgive in the midst of suffering and disease. Additionally spiritual care seeks to help nursing assignment help, patient to face their fear of death, mitigate the uncertainty and discomfort of the treatment process and regain their inner peace. In clinical work spiritual care education and training helps nurses to understand patients sense of honour values and experience to express kind concern for their patient ease patient stress and tension provide them with spiritual well being and serenity and let them find meaning and purpose amidst adversity. Under this care patient can explore strategies to overcome their illness as well as strengthen their physical social and psychological health thereby improving their quality of life and state of health. Spiritual care is a core element of holistic nursing and has already been incorporated into nursing education and practice. The ability to provide spiritual care to patient is increasingly considered as a major occupational skills for nurses.

In clinical work however nurses have insufficient knowledge and understanding of spiritual care and inadequate spiritual care competencies which has led to patient spiritual need often remain unmet. Nursing assignment help, research has shown that medical personnel who have undergone spiritual care training are more likely to meet patients spiritual needs when providing spiritual care. Currently research on nurse spiritual health and spiritual care competencies remains at preliminary stage and little relevant interventional research has been conducted. As a consequence scientifically based and effective intervention protocol must be drafted to boost nurses level of spiritual care. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of spiritual care programs for oncology nurses. We investigated whether the nurse gain benefits from this training such as positive changes in their spiritual health and higher level of  spiritual care competencies.

The nurses receive spiritual care training chiefly in accordance with the intervention protocol developed for the study during the intervention period. During the two week intensive training period that focused on three topics each period of the intervention           

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