Canadian Pharmacy – Your current Reliable and Inexpensive Health Portal

Canadian Drug Store has created a niche in the market over the past few years. Many Americans have turned to Canadian pharmacies because of the ease of access and low prices for Canadian pharmacy drugs. Over 50 million Americans lack adequate medical coverage. Prescription medication costs in the US are higher than most other countries. It can often be difficult to afford even with medical coverage. canadian pharmacy Hence, Canadian pharmacies have emerged as being the only favorite place to go for prescription drug treatments.
These pharmacies are mainly located in Western North America. The industry also provides bread and butter to over 7000 people. These statistics are not mind-blowing, but the amount of people it will provide health care for is staggering. The US has approximately 2 million patients who use these online drug stores, and this includes citizens of the US without insurance.

However, Canadians might not be able to find the exact same brands of medicine as Americans who buy drugs from Canada. It could happen that a Citizen of the US finds a universal drug that can only be found in Canada. It is better to use FDA-accredited generic drugs from the US in such situations. There have also been numerous crises in Canada due to illegal cross-border drug trade.

The INDIVIDUALS policy prohibits bulk import of Canadian drugs. However, the government will generally not prosecute anyone who purchases drugs for personal use in small quantities.

It is unlikely that US drug prices will match their Canadian counterparts. However, it seems likely that Canada’s Drug Drug Store will soon be able to compete with the US. This is because Canadian pharmacy drugs do not have FDA approval but are still subject to the same standards as FDA. It is always better to speak with an expert about Canadian pharmacies.

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